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Banjo says, "Wooohoo... a Big Banjo greeting to all!

 I bring along a variety of musical intruments for kids to experiment and play along with me as I do my show. I play many of the standards such as Wheels of the Bus, the ABC medley, Itsy Bitsy Spider and a host of other childrens' songs played in my unique bluegrass style. To add to the fun I also do musical games with my banjo as well. I can do old favorites such as musical chairs or hot potatoe. One of my favorites is the barnyard ho-down where the kids take on the persona of their favorite animal, and dance along to the smile inducing, finger snapping musical melodies that only a Banjo can induce.


In addition, I do a wide array of silly magic.  I have something in my show for everyone; from the 2 year olds, all the way up to the adults.  I do face painting and balloons upon request.  I'm a dad, so all of my entertainment has been developed in front of a very discerning crowd!"










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