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Sassi (given name Jennifer Sassi) is an actress, comedian, and clown who moved to NYC in 1993 to live her dream. Eight years later she found herself working on Wall Street and unhappy. That  all changed on Sept 11, 2001 when she saw  the planes fly into the World Trade Center as she was walking to work.  She saw how quickly the world could break your heart.  She vowed that from that day on, she would only do work that made her heart sing.  Performing and producing events makes her and thousands of others happy.   She started SASSI PARTY PERFORMERS, and never looked back.  SASSI PARTY PERFORMERS is a full service entertainment company that provides entertainment to parties and special events.  The company has done so well, it expanded into SASSI ENTERTAINMENT UNLIMITED which additionally provides entertainment to larger scale corporate and special events, including live Stand-Up Comedy shows featuring some of New York City’s finest comedians.


Sassi prides herself on personalizing her client's events by bringing creativity, passion and compassion to all her projects.  She is also a mom of a special needs child which gives her a deep understanding of children, what it means to play and be young at heart, and how to think outside the box.   Sassi’s entertainment delights all ages from nursery school to nursing homes.Many people say that the care that she takes planning your event will make you feel she is part of your family.  Sassi Entertainment Unlimited, is a business with a heart.

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