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Sassi has been producing comedy shows in NYC since 2003.  Her favorite is the Ladies' Night Out Event Spa Ha Ha which incorporates spa services and a comedy show.  She was an associate producer for the Industry Room new talent night which is one of the best new talent nights in the city.  You can count on her to see events through with lots of sas.


  • Spa Ha Ha-2008-present at various venues

  • New Talent Night(Including The Industry Room)-2006-2017 at Broadway Comedy Club

  • The Naughty Show-2008-2009-Broadway Comedy Club

  • Sassi's Comedy Variety Show-2003-2016-various venues including Greenwhich Village Comedy Club and Broadway Comedy Club

  • Comedy Night at Coogan's-2004-2006

  • The Christian Comedy Show-2015-2016-The Comic Strip Live

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