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BIPOLAR BRADLEY—OFF MEDS- Better check your preconceived notions about gender roles, politics, sexuality, religion and brain damage at the door. Guided by auditory hallucinations, Bipolar Bradley Off Meds “delivers pitch black belly laughs.” This edgy comedic musician will broaden your mind AND make you blush. He is not afraid of hell, but if it makes you feel better to pray for his soul, please do! Bipolar Bradley is an Aries though he places absolutely no stock in astrology.

Feature film credits include: lead role in "FLUFFY LITTLE BUNNIES" (Winner of the Reel Heart International Film Festival, Toronto) and principal roles in "SOMEONE LIKE YOU", "GREAT EXPECTATIONS", "THE FISH IN THE BATHTUB" with Jerry Stiller and "TRICK OR TREAT" with Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons. Bipolar has written 350 songs and occasionally wears women’s undies. Watch for his debut feature film, “No Sequel” the first—and last—election-year-horror-satire-end-of-the-world-sci-fi rock musical, which he wrote, produced, directed, starred in, edited, and designed sound for, during a 6 year manic episode.


He's fine now.  

A huge favorite at LGTB friendly colleges and Polyamorous Conventions!

Call 646-295-3777 now to book!

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